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Dog Kennel in Hot Springs Dog Kennel in Hot Springs

Professional Dog Training

Please check back after Jan. 15th , 2023 for more information.

We do offer private lessons by appointment. Please feel free to call and schedule your appointment.


Having trouble with obedience or getting your dog to play well with others?

Every pet deserves the right to receive adequate training and socialization. The KEP Doggie Dude Ranch & Farm, Inc. is proud to offer many levels of obedience training to help you address those behavioral issues and develop a good relationship with your dog.

All dogs must have current vaccination records and be physically sound in order to participate in any training class.

Dog Obedience Available



All Dogs and Owners must come for a meet & Greet & dog evalations before being accepted into any of the Board and Train Programs at KEP Doggie Dude Ranch & Farm, Inc.

Cost: $100.00

Private Lesson Package

Private Lesson Package includes 5-private lessons you and the trainer one-on-one work on your dogs problems or things that you would like to improve on.

Cost: $300.00

Day Boarding & Training

Day Boarding & Training provides your dog with a daily routine of more manners, brushing up on basic, general obedience such as Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Heeling or working on a problem behavior. Basic dog training instructions will be provided to the owner to continue with their pet's training at home.

Cost: 10 days Day Boarding
         10 days Training 

Total: $450.00

Two Week Basic Obedience Dog Training Program

The Two Week Program is design to get your dog started on the correct path to training a obedience. Your dog will be trained on leash for this. Includes 1 private lesson at the end of training.

  • Sit-Position (On Leash and Off Leash)
  • Sit Nice at Your Side (On Leash)
  • Heel (On Leash)
  • Polite Greeting (On Leash)
  • Leash Manners

Cost: $1500.00

Four Week Dog Training Program

The Four Week Program is focused training program covering anywhere from basic, general manners, advanced training to solve problems. It can be great for dogs that have had no prior training, making sure they have an understanding and consistency of basic commands. Maybe your dog has had some basics but needs to be more polished in certain areas. We can work on solving or redirection some of those problem behaviors. This program can be customized to meet the needs of each client. This dog training services includes 4 weeks of training and board while the dog lives at KEP Doggie Dude Ranch & Farm, Inc., detailed information and training information packet, 2 private lessons at KEP Doggie Dude Ranch & Farm, Inc. The first lesson is when you pick-up the dog to help with transition to train at home. You have the option to exchange the last private lesson at KEP Doggie Dude Ranch & Farm, Inc. for a 1 day brush up board'n train stay.

Cost: $2500.00

Maintenance Program

After a Two Week Program your dog is eligible to enter a discount Maintenance Program. This can help keep your dog's behaviors to be more polished or to engage in some advanced training.

Cost: $500.00 per week or $65.00 per day

** What is your Board & Traning Guarantee?** (IMPORTANT)

That's a tough question when we are dealing with an animal that makes its own choices.  Because humans and canines are free thinking, it would be like asking if school teachers have a guarantee on 4th grade students.  What the school teachers can guarantee is that they have a curriculum that is taught, respect will be addressed a and an application of manners throughout the day will be attended to.  Ultimately a lot of the responsibility is up to you, the parent/owner. Our trainers will do the same with the board & train programs.
We have a curriculum as well that consists our words (commands), manners training throughout the day, and teach your dog to respect words (commands) as well as people. This will be transferred to you during private lessons. After they go home it is up to you to follow our direction and do your homework. We guarantee your dog will have knowledge of the words and that we will be here to help transfer what your dog has learned. The rest is up to you to change the way you live with your dog. We encourage you to take a class or package of private lessons to continue the work with you dog.

Note to Owners

What your dog learns during board & train depends on the client's needs. What your pet already knows, the pace at which your dog can learn and the amount of time spent at KEP Doggie Dude Ranch & Farm, Inc. Once your dog has completed any of the board & train programs it is also important to continue what you and your dog have learned at home. This will help your dog retain the proper behaviors and to keep improving skills for a lifetime of enjoyable companionship with one another.

Obedience is the key to good communication with your pet. Dogs love to please their masters. Through training we show our pets how to please us. Happy owners make happy dogs.

Basic  Manners Class

This class is designed for immature adolescent dog. Dee Dee‘s sensitivity to your dog‘s personality and temperament, coupled with effective training tools, will help you and your dog live happily and obediently together. Special attention will be paid to house training, jumping on people, and more. Most importantly, the dog learns to learn and the trainer learns how to communicate with the dog. The result is a cooperative educational partnership that lasts throughout the dog‘s life. Current inoculations are required. The five week class will meet once a week for one hour. Instruction focuses on the following:

  • positive motivational training
  • socialization and nail trimming
  • controlled walking on leash
  • sit, down, stand on command
  • stay in a sit and down position
  • coming when called
  • confidence course

CGC - Canine Good Citizen

The Canine Good Citizen program is designed and administered by American Kennel Club. It is a series of ten tests of owners and their dogs designed to demonstrate that your pet is well behaved and obedient.

We believe that teaching your dog to be a valued member of his/her community is a responsibility of pet owners that we want to help with. Training provides mental stimulation which helps to keep your dog happy. It build strong, positive relationships between pets and owners and teaches important life skills to your dog. Trained dogs are generally more sociable and are less prone to problem behaviors.

Skills taught to the dogs in training include:

  1. Walking politely on a loose leash
  2. Sit
  3. Down
  4. Allow a friendly stranger to pet the them
  5. Remain still for grooming
  6. Walk politely through a crowd
  7. Stay in place
  8. Come when called
  9. Sit politely around other dogs
  10. Supervised separation

Private lessons as well as training for competetive obedience also available.


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